Who we are

We are a group of professional enthusiasts with the goal of offering original premium and creative services to bring your business asmall-ozitect-logo-bannernd vision to life. We pride ourselves in taking the time and effort to understand your vision and carefully input our experiences witho
ut changing the core idea. With our experience in marketing and talents in targeting the audience we can make you brand unforgettable. This is why OziTect was created.

Our Team

Picture of Mohsen Said Mohamed
CEO and Founder

Mohsen Said Mohamed

Founder of OziTect.com and Lead Designer.

Picture of Ahmed Abdeldayem
Arabic Calligraphy and Photography

Ahmed Abdeldayem

Arabic Calligraphy & Photoshop

Picture of Mona Leza
Vector Designing and Arabic Calligraphy.

Mona Leza

Arabic Calligraphy. specialized in illustrator